11 Best Time Tracking Software for Your Small Business

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The app integrates with numerous apps you might already use, such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. Now, if the designer had tracked his time, he would have been able to say that it actually took him six hours to complete the project. This knowledge would have changed the agency’s view of that project.

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In the following months, we’ll be updating our reviews as new features become available for each individual product. As a living and breathing document, some of the tools listed today may not be listed in a year, as scores may change and new products may be added to the review roundup. As you try solutions, be sure to check in with us to see if any new software has been added to this roundup. Oitchau seamlessly integrates with major project management systems like Jira and Asana. With one-click, employees can log their time without having to leave the interface they’re working on – saving them time and giving employers an accurate picture of their progress.

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You can simply time yourself using your phone and write down the results in the notebook. Some people print out a timesheet and then fill it out as they go. Business Intelligence – by looking at the insights produced by your time tracking software, you get lots of intelligence you can use to make smarter decisions. Human Resources – time trackers help to monitor an employee’s working hours and reconcile this with their time off. The monitoring process is managed by the software providers; you don’t have to keep an eye on it, your software provider takes care of it for you. It generates real-time reports that show you when your employees are productive, active, or idle, as well as when they log in and out of computers.


If you do so, you’re setting yourself up for failure because you’re basically giving employees the green light for Parkinson’s Law. They’ll slow their pace down to fill up as many tracked hours as possible while making sure they reap the benefits of whatever bonus you’re rewarding them with. If a task takes about 10 hours to finish, think of creative ways to finish it in 5, and redirect the other 5 for some high-impact tasks (especially critical or high-priority tasks). All these efforts accumulate in the long run, saving you time and money.

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Paid plans start at $5/user/month and come with a 10-day free trial. ClickUp is an all-in-one project management app that can help you schedule projects, collaborate using shared documents, and track your time while you do it. It also has charts and graphs that managers and team leaders can use to provide a visually interactive overview of team performance and available resources. Overall, is a highly customizable software that can help you handle your projects, collaborate in real time, and track time so you can provide more accurate information to the client. Therefore, using time tracking tools is an essential part of a DPMs toolbox.

  • You can use the program on a single platform to manage time, create invoices, and establish project budgets, and project revenues.
  • Tools like Time Doctor allow managers to set distraction alerts and productivity ratings for each app and website.
  • You can also track time on the go with Android and iOS apps.
  • The ‘Premium’ plan has even more features and is priced at $20 per month per user.
  • Then I weighed factors that make software a good option for project management, such as the ones that follow.

Meanwhile, Zoho Projects comes with 10 MB of free storage, and you can get 5 GB in the standard package for $20 per month. Free trialto explore the various ways in which Oitchau can save money and improve overall effectiveness at your workplace. The same APA survey also highlights how almost 33% of employers make payroll errors, thanks to manual data entry. The cost of such errors is significant — 1-8% of the total payroll. And a major reason for time theft in the first place — web portals to log time manually.

What is time tracking software?

This ensures that no amount of work is lost from the bill. Moreover, a Time Tracking Software 2020 tracker helps to build a more transparent and fair relationship with your customer because you can easily share your records. Worktime is your best option if you want to increase productivity, gain insights into the working process, and create a healthy workflow. WorkTime generates reports that are divided into productive and unproductive categories to provide employers with an overview of employee productivity. This is accomplished by increasing employee attendance while decreasing idle and personal time.

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Then, it pointed out how time reporting is the logical step after gathering all your data since time reporting is an integral part of time tracking within project management. People might argue that with the right integrations, a basic project management app can compete against full-featured project management software. While there’s some truth in that, you want a unified system with robust software architecture yet a simple design.

Users can create timesheets, and reports, charge hours, and even export data outside of the application. Checkiant is a lightweight, free time tracking app for freelancers who want to monitor their work hours and budget in a minimalistic way. The tool is simple but has all the necessary features you need to track your time. Non-billable hours are paid by your employer, not your client.

It’s always a good idea to try the time tracking software before you fully commit to it. Time tracking software vendors typically offer a free trial period prior to purchase or even free service for a limited number of employees. Before making a purchase decision, we recommend that you test the software. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the time tracking software and see what features it has to offer.

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